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Helical Piles

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TEK installs helical pile foundations and piers to support gas pipe, launcher/receivers, regen boilers, horizontal contactors, contactor towers, meter stations, pre-engineered buildings and sound enclosures. TEK also installs helical piles to stabilize existing equipment installations.

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For more information about our specialty and in helical piles, head over to our dedicated Tek Piles website.

Foundations & Pipe Supports for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • TEK Construction Services specializes in the design and installation of helical pilefoundation systems for the natural gas and oil industry.
  • The use of helical piles as load transfer devices in the civil and structural engineering industry is well proven and widely accepted.
  • Application for this technology includes (but is not limited to) metering skids, regen boiler skids, filter separators, contactor towers, GPU units, inline heaters, pump jacks, pipe supports, building/structure columns, control buildings, etc.
  • Helical Pile products utilize deep foundation, piling technology that has been developed and used in various forms over the last 150 years. Stamped Design drawings available for equipment foundations.
  • TEK is a member of ISNet World.
  • Proudly made in the United States of America!

Helical Pile Services

- Equipment Skid Support

- Pipe Support

- Steel Building Foundations

- Underpinning

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