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TEK has compiled a team of experienced and qualified professionals to provide our customers with the most cost effective and time efficient construction solution for each of their commercial or industrial building projects. TEK offers the flexibility to work within each customer’s project delivery process, working as a general contractor, subcontractor or consultant to provide the construction services needed for each individual project.

Working with your engineers and construction representatives, the TEK team can provide all of the necessary budgeting, scheduling, coordination, safety, supervision and project management services that are required to insure a successful building project – on time and on budget while meeting all of your technical and quality standards.

TEK Construction Services is uniquely qualified to provide both traditional construction services and alternative Design/Build or EPC services on your building projects. Working with our design partners, CSD Engineers and SE Technologies, TEK can provide a complete solution to your building needs through the permitting, design, procurement and construction phases of your project.

General Construction Services


TEK Construction Services (TEK) features experienced field supervision personnel matched to your project to insure an efficient and timely project delivery. TEK’s Superintendents are also trained to manage Safety and Health Programs to reduce the risk of accidents on a jobsite and to implement QA/QC Programs to meet a customer’s quality expectations.

Project Management

Project Managers and Project Engineers at TEK Construction Services (TEK) are all experienced in a wide range of construction projects and are matched to your project needs. TEK Project Management coordinates all of the technical and monetary aspects of a customer’s project to meet a customer’s cost, quality and schedule requirements for a project.

Start-up and Commissioning

TEK Construction Services (TEK) offers start-up services on projects that TEK has built and commissioning services on projects built by others to insure that all of a customer’s requirements included in all plans and specifications have been met and that the facility and equipment in that facility perform up to industry standards and specific project requirements.


In order to maintain the highest quality standards on a construction project, TEK Construction Services (TEK) can draft a QA/QC Manual to a customer’s specifications and provide inspection services to make sure that these standards are met on the project.

Safety / Loss Control

TEK Construction Services (TEK) maintains and implements a progressive and aggressive Safety and Health Program to insure the safety of all of TEK’s and its customer’s personnel on a construction project.