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Project Development

TEK Construction Services (TEK) recognizes that in order to recommend the most cost effective, timely and energy efficient construction and building solutions for our customers, it is critical for us to approach project development from an entry point before architectural and engineering efforts specify any one particular type of construction method or building system. Through early involvement with our customers and their design professionals, TEK can help implement the best building solutions to each individual and unique set of project requirements.

Starting with site selection, soil investigation, infrastructure requirements to structural components, exterior facade and HVAC systems, TEK can provide the resources necessary to investigate each potential issue and concern that a project can encounter. Having a seasoned construction professional on your team from the start will ultimately increase the potential for success.

In addition to traditional industry standard products and delivery methods, TEK continues to research new innovative methods and materials in order to keep our knowledge base current. With energy conservation on everyone’s mind, there is no better time to have the tools available to make decisions regarding energy efficient products and systems which will ultimately reduce operational life cycle costs.

Contract Document Preparation

TEK Construction Services (TEK) can prepare all of the contract documents that a customer may need for a project from plans and specifications to commissioning and close-out documentation needed to complete your project. The following list is a sample of the documents that TEK can prepare for a construction project:

  • Site permitting documents to allow a customer to apply for and obtain all required building permits • Plans and Specifications working with our strategic partners in the design professions • Budgets, Estimates and Cost Reports • Safety and Health Programs • QA/QC Manuals • Letters of Interest to develop a group of contractors interested in bidding your project • Contractor Qualification Forms to pre-qualify contractors interested in working on your project • Requests for Quotations to receive bids from qualified contractors • Bid Tabulations to allow a customer to review all of the qualified bids on one comprehensive form • Letters of Intent and Notices of Award • Pay Application Forms and Partial and Final Releases • Periodic Project Meeting Minutes • Comprehensive Punchlists for substantial and final completion • Project close-out documentation

Budgets, Estimates, & Cost Reports

TEK Construction Services (TEK) can work with you and your design professional to prepare and update budgets and estimates for your construction project, as well as offer value engineering advice to reduce the overall construction costs of your project. Once a project gets underway, TEK can use these budgets and estimates to develop and maintain a comprehensive cost report to allow the customer to know how much has been spent to date on the project and how much additional cost will be incurred to complete the job.


TEK Construction Services (TEK) offers a complete battery of schedules and bar charts from simple milestone schedules to plan the overall delivery of our customer’s project to detailed CPM schedules with thousands of activities to manage the complicated interfaces inherent in a modern construction project. Once these schedules are developed, TEK can work with the project team to keep these schedules updated and to use these tools to insure the timely delivery of a customer’s project.

Cost Control

The Cost Control services offered by TEK Construction Services (TEK) to our customers include comprehensive budgets, estimates and cost reports and on-site inspections to confirm the completion percentages of the various contractors involved in the project. If costs are projected to exceed the allotted budgets, TEK works with the customer and the contractors to value engineer overruns and reduce overall costs.


TEK Construction Services (TEK) can provide services to procure both materials and labor to complete a customer’s project within the customer’s budget, quality standards and schedule. As part of this process, TEK can both purchase the materials and labor and participate in quality assurance as materials and labor are delivered to the project site.